Panchagavya therapy has the power to remove complex diseases from its root, in Panchagavya therapy, diseases are diagnosed with cow's cows, such as medicines made from cow urine, cow dung, milk, ghee and buttermilk, treatment of complex diseases is possible today. Abnormal results have also been found in it, the evidence of which is available on our YouTube link, diabetes, which is said to never be cured, is being cured from Panchgabya, heart disease, L3 L4 disease, knee pain, Treatment of back pain, kidney stone, skin diseases, cancer, etc. is possible with Panchgavya.

Panchgavya Based products

15+ years of Experience

Certified Genuine Products

Natural Ingredients used

Dairy Products

Milk from Gir cow and other by products are rich in a lot of essential bio-elements, for the human- being.

Organic food

Organic farming is practised in 12 states in India in about 4.72 million hectares. In 2013-14, organic food production was 1.24 million tonnes


Panchgavya is prepared using five cow based produces – Milk, Curd, Ghee, Gaumutr (urine) and Gobar (dung).